Arcturus BioCloud Robot Lab

Brian Naughton // Fri 29 May 2015 // Filed under synthetic biology // Tags synthetic biology robot lab

I first learned about Arcturus BioCloud a few months ago from their irreverent youtube videos.

Arcturus are one of the new crop of robotic labs that allow you to run wet-lab experiments from a web or command-line interface. They appear to be smaller and less well funded than Transcriptic and Emerald Cloud Lab, both of which have opened enormous new lab spaces recently. Arcturus is much more focused on the biohacker / synthetic biology space, where Transcriptic and ECL are focused on taking on common wet-lab procedures like Western blots. (For completeness, the other robot lab I know about is Riffyn, though I don't know how that one fits in yet).

The most impressive aspect of Arcturus to me was that I could create and execute a synthetic biology project within literally a few minutes. Granted, the experiment simply grows a bacterium up with one of three available genes and takes a photograph, but I am still extremely impressed by how easy it was, and by the $80 price.

I'm looking forward to seeing how Arcturus develops their interface to allow for custom proteins and analyses.


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